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Hair Loss Prevention & Scalp Therapy

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Healthy Scalp. Healthy Hair.

Introducing Head First by Capilia. Complete hair loss prevention and scalp therapy from Capilia Trichology. 

Head First from Capilia Trichology is hair loss prevention taken to a whole new level.  Available exclusive at Bugden’s Total Image Hair Replacement, men and women who are concerned about their hair loss can stabilize or delay thinning hair or hair loss with targeted hair and scalp treatment as soon as they notice problems beginning to arise.

Scalp conditions are a common occurrence and symptoms can be unpleasant: itching, redness, dandruff, oily scalp, unwanted odors, and in some cases hair thinning and hair loss.

The causes of your hair thinning or hair loss can be identified by drawing up a complete scalp assessment, including an analysis of your scalp using a sophisticated micro-camera and a unique software. Our certified Head First hair and scalp specialists will then be able to craft a custom treatment plan to meet your specific needs, including in-salon, home care products and low level laser hair therapy.

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Healthy Hair from Root to Tip

Scalp health is essential to the vitality and density of hair which is affected by changes that occur in the environment where it grows. Taking good care or your scalp is as necessary as taking care of your skin and teeth to prevent premature aging.

Using an established consultation process in combination with advanced Capilia Trichology technology, we will be able to observe and analyze your scalp condition to offer the most effective solution.

Learn more about our advanced hair loss prevention solutions. Schedule a consultation today.

Biocompatible Advanced Scalp Care

From the Natural Hair Care line to the Advanced Scalp Care Line, Capilia products are extremely rich in natural active ingredients and designed for all hair and skin types. They offer proven therapeutic benefits that help with a wide range of scalp ailments, thinning hair, and hair loss for men and women of all hair types. We have solutions for the most common problems and conditions that can affect your scalp:

Skin inflammation
Chemo and radiotherapy
Dry hair and scalp
Seasonal shedding

Oily hair and scalp
Hair loss in women
Hair loss in men
Localized hair loss
Scaly plaques